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Over the course of a challenging and inspirational year, we’ll take you and your team on a journey to becoming more courageous, resilient and aligned.



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Building Courageous, Multicultural and Global Teams.

A year-long transformative journey for individuals and teams.

The world is complex and full of change. It’s understandable that some may feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. When you struggle to find meaning, you’ll struggle to find a purpose. And when you don’t have a purpose, how can you possibly grow, as an individual, as a team, and as an organisation? 

You can’t rely on technology alone to build bridges across your teams. Individuals must be courageous if they want to stand out as part of a global and multicultural team. And teams must be courageous if they’re going to work together to help the organisation achieve its goals. Without courage, there’s no trust, no commitment, and no growth.

Courage is the key. And courage can be built.

CorFortium is Latin for “courageous heart”. CorFortium is our premium four-stage, year-long transformative journey for individuals and teams. It’s specifically designed for large organisations with teams based in multiple locations around the world. We’ll empower everyone at all levels to act with true courage, and we’ll seek alignment between personal and the organisational purpose. 

This is our foremost, progressive organisational development consultation. It’s a four-dimensional blend of experiential learning and unlearning. You’ll benefit from our 40+ years of c-level executive consultancy experience with some of the world’s biggest and most complex organisations. Your CorFortium journey will be totally bespoke – uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs as a team and an organisation.

How You and Your Organisation Benefit from the CorFortium Journey:

Build Courageous Teams

Build more aligned teams through building more courageous individuals

Create Trust

Establish trust and great relationships between multicultural and global teams

Bespoke to Your Needs

An intelligent transformative journey that’s completely tailored to suit your unique needs


Achieve alignment between individual goals, team goals, and organisational goals

Team & Individual Empowerment

Empower everyone at all levels to act with total confidence in themselves and their teams

Resilience to Change

Develop resilience to survive and thrive in a complex and ever-changing world

The CorFortium Journey –

How it Works

When you choose to start your CorFortium journey, we’ll partner with your organisation for a year. We’ll then take you through four stages that will build courage and resilience at all levels. Our aim is to amplify what’s possible at a team level into something more lasting and substantial for the whole organisation.

Step 1 – My Courageous Self

First, we’ll work with you and your people on an individual level. This initial stage is all about building self-awareness. We’ll help you understand your personality type, and to consider how your values, beliefs, actions and priorities impact on others. We’ll show you how to build powerful new habits, and how to unlearn unhelpful older habits. This is all about showing you, and everyone else in your team, how to act with total courage and confidence.

Step 2 – The Team Landscape

Having come to understand yourself, the next step is to better understand everyone else. We’ll explore the team dynamics that exist across your team and organisation. Then we’ll show you how to build better relationships and establish trust at a deeper and more substantial level.

Step 3 – Emerging Future Possibilities

What would a truly courageous team look like? How would your organisation thrive if everyone in every team was able to act with total courage and confidence? This stage is all about visualising your team and organisational goals and devising intelligent strategies for achieving them. We’ll do this through helping you understand the tension that exists between tasks and processes. It’s all about understanding the culture and the context of your organisation. And once we’ve established this, we’ll know how to co-create an integrated and courageous team landscape.

Step 4 – Taking Stock of Our Courageous Actions

Finally, the review process. We’ll assess your courage on an individual level and a team level. How confident and empowered are you and your people in your actions? What sort of progress have you made, and how will you ensure that everyone is held accountable? This is all about taking trust and relationships to a whole new sphere – one that actively contributes to your team and organisation’s goals.  Delivering results for the organisation, will become clear and visible, based on this transformative journey.

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