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When you draw from the collective intelligence of all the brilliant individuals in your business, your organisation will thrive – and so will you.

Paolo Giuricich

An Organisation Development Consultant, With a Difference

All my life I’ve found true joy in helping people realise their dreams.

I’m a husband, a father, and a global citizen. I’ve spent many years exploring the world and building trust and connections between people.

From an early age I’ve known my purpose in life – to empower people to become their best selves. Inside everyone is resilience, courage, and intuition. My gift is to unlock this potential.

I always give my all when affecting change, and as a result we both grow too.

My journey is far from over. Let me help you take the first step on a journey of your own.

Exceptional how he takes the time to understand the needs and dynamics of the group and crafts an offering that best caters to their specific needs.

Why Work With Me?

More than 20 years in Learning and Development, Organisation Development and HR spaces has given me a strong skillset and keen insights into how people work, both as individuals and as part of teams.

But I also hold a Chartered Accountant qualification – CA(SA). This gives me a commercial edge – direct experience of how organisations work on a practical level to complement my deep theoretical knowledge.

I effectively combine left-brain-thinking and right-brain-thinking. I can connect with people from across the organisation, opening doors that remain shut for many.

Because of my varied career, I’m uniquely placed to create unprecedented possibilities for you, your team, and your organisation. I will make you thrive.

Background & Experience

I’ve worked with thousands of people in many organisations in more than 30 countries around the world. I’ve worked for Investec, KPMG, and Arthur Andersen – travelling the world and experiencing a huge diversity of cultures. Every individual I’ve ever met has broadened my thinking in some way. I offer nothing short of world-class insight.




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Build Trust and Relationships

Codify and Grow Business Culture

Facilitate and Guide Transformational Journeys

Grow Your Business and Profitability

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